Sunday, March 27, 2005

College Notes: Happy Hour At Drink U

The students of Maine's Colby College have something to look forward to (registration requ'd) when they show-up for dinner at the school's dining hall:

Josh Kahn swirls the ruby-red wine in his glass, puts it up to his nose and breathes in deeply. He watches how the 2002 Fairview shiraz from South Africa clings to the inside of the glass and then takes a sip.

This is not a tasting at a wine shop. This is Colby College, a private liberal arts school where students 21 and older get together on Friday nights in a school cafeteria to learn about and drink beer and wine.

The get-togethers are intended to teach students how to imbibe well and in moderation. The emphasis is on savoring not swilling.

Seated next to Kahn on a recent night was Maureen Sherry of Massachusetts, who was drinking a sauvignon blanc. The gatherings on the 1,800-student campus have taught her to not be intimidated by wine.

"I always thought I hated wine, but now I realize that what I hated were the $3 bottles of wine I bought at the grocery store," she said.

The annual "Comprehensive Fee" for attending Colby College is $41,200. The website did not disclose whether or not the "Comprehensive Fee" included aspirins and other hangover treatments.
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