Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Another Sign Of The Times

A seven-year-old boy in Columbus, Ohio, brought a 45 caliber pistol to school in his book bag and it went off:

A gun in a bookbag discharged in an elementary school classroom Monday and the second-grader who brought it was shot in the hand, police said.

The injury to the 7-year-old was not believed to be life-threatening. Police were uncertain why the gun went off.

“It happened in the classroom, just as they were taking their coats off,” police Sgt. David Sicilian said.

Columbus schools did not cancel classes, but some parents took their children from Leawood Elementary School. There were 15 children in class when the .45-caliber pistol gun went off, Sicilian said.

The boy’s mother “indicated she had no idea where the weapon came from,”

The boy's mother declined to authorize the release of additional details of the incident. According to Fox News, the boy indicated that he had found the pistol on his way to school. Police remain skeptical.

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