Sunday, February 27, 2005

Well, They Were On Double Secret Probation...

Heh. There was no joy in the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity last Saturday evening. It seems like the authorities of New York's Binghamton University have ordered that the orgainization lose its university recognition for at least five years because of a.... little.... indiscretion. According to Dean Of Students Vernon Wormer Lloyd "Skip" Howe:

Personally, I feel it's a choice they made, that they just indicated to us that they were no longer interested in working within the framework of the fraternity recognition and governance structure, Howe said.

Howe said the revocation was the result of multiple violations of University guidelines. He stressed that the fraternity had been under both probation and suspension for violations earlier in 2004. They were put on notice and they made their choice, he said.

According to Howe, the fraternity's University recognition was suspended in February 2004 for violations of dry rush (no alcohol) policies. Frank Ambrosio, a sophomore political science major who is one of the frat's vice presidents, maintained that the incident involved no underage drinking- only members 21 and older were drinking.

AEPi's probation and suspension were furthered, Howe said, after another incident involving a party, the dates of which he couldn't recall the details of in a telephone interview.

Members of AEPi, though, attribute the trouble to a student being injured at the party- perhaps by a trip and fall, but more likely in a fight at the frat's house on Conklin Avenue on the South Side of Binghamton.

What will happen to the brothers of Alph Epsilon Pi? They can still live in their house, as it is not university property. However, without recognition, they cannot display their letters. On the other hand, they could always affiliate with Delta Tau Chi.

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