Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ward Churchill: The Price Of Silence?

How does a big-time publicly-funded school get rid of a loud and disagreeable professor that pushes the concept of academic freedom to new extremes?

buy him out:

Two people familiar with internal CU (Colorado University) discussions said the still-undetermined offer is in the idea stage. The discussions come just a week before a three-person panel is scheduled to deliver a report on Churchill's fitness for tenure.

David Lane, Churchill's attorney, said he has not been contacted about a buyout offer.

But, he said, while his primary focus is on protecting Churchill's constitutional right to speak out, he would be willing to listen to a university proposal.
"If they offer $10 million, I would think about it. If they offer him $10, I wouldn't," Lane said.

It is said that every man has his price, maybe we will learn Ward Churchill's.

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