Friday, January 21, 2005

Extra Credit Assignment: Great Reading From Around The EduSphere

Another journey around the EduSphere has led me to some very informative reading from a great variety of writers. All have something to tell us, and an interesting way of telling it. (With the possible exception of ourselves, and for that we ask your patience.)
has a thoughtful post about just-confirmed Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. (We like what Eduwonk has to say.)

Citing a New York Times piece, Chris Correa
raises the issue of how students that are considered "Proficient" varies from state to state. (This should be of interest to all public school teachers and administrators.)

Education At The Brink
is curious to know what The U.S. Department of Education will do if the state of Virginia opts out of The No Child Left Behind Act. They also have the story of Connecticut as well as Virginia seeking exemption from some sections of The No Child Left Behind Act.

Here at the 'Wonks, we
weigh the pros and cons of imminent changes to be implemented in the March administration of the Scholastic Aptitude Test. (This has our attention, as the TeenWonk will be taking the SAT in a few short years.) We also have a few positive thoughts about Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. The State of Texas is taking a look at "Zero Tolerance" student discipline.

Over at joanne, she is
is drawing attention to a group of high schools that are doing very well serving their advanced placement (AP) African-American and Hispanic students. And there is some news from the National Education Association that will not make President Reg Weaver happy. Be sure to check out the parent who sued the teacher over homework.

Jenny D.
has a new installment of her series on multiculturalism. (Be sure to check out the excellent true classroom story at the bottom of the post.)

Number 2 Pencil has published a most
intriguing post about how the state of Indiana has raised the passing score of its mandatory high school exit exam. (This is another one that has our attention, as the TeenWonk will face a similar test here in California.)

At tall dark & mysterious, they
share with us a math teacher's "nightmare" classroom scenarios. (I don't think that I can ever look at peanut butter and jelly the same way again.)

SCSU Scholars
gives an opinion about the flap surrounding Harvard President Larry Summers' controversial remarks concerning women and mathematics. (The WifeWonk isn't too happy herself about that.) Scholars also has a funny observation regarding a certain room in the basement.

Over at Pedablogue they
offer some very useful advice to students (and others) when dealing with (and writing) email. (Luckily for us here at the 'Wonks, Haloscan is pretty good about stopping comment spam, and Earthlink does a nice job with their email spam-blocker.)

At a school yard blog, they
have a fascinating story that relates dentistry to teaching. (Ed's note: Maybe if us classroom teachers could have a shot of Novocaine before faculty meetings the meetings themselves wouldn't hurt so much. heh.)

While at a school yard blog, I met Abigail, who has her own place called Social Studies. She read, knitted, taught, and thought and still managed to
feel good about the fact that it was Tuesday.

A couple of vitally important appliances
are fighting each other over at Learning Curves. (No matter which combatant wins, someone is gonna suffer.)

Here is something that caught our attention. Brian's Education Blog says that
grammar is making a comeback on the Internet. (I guess that I am going to have to make a trip to the bookstore. heh.)

Highered Intelligence
deals with an article that appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle. Here is a taste: the post is titled,"Let The Fisking Begin."

Telling Deeds
gets a student teacher (I wish that I could get one of those.)

A Constrained Vision has an outstanding post that stresses the importance of good schools to any successful attempt to revitalize Washington, D.C. blighted inner city. (We think the lessons can be applied to a variety of urban situations.)

Post-Hip Chick made some progress teaching a very important lesson to one of her students. (It's nice to see some good news, and get a reminder of what teaching is supposed to be about.)

Professor Plum
gives us a NEW history lesson about the Ancient Greeks. (See if you know which letter that the Spartan Warrior has on his shield.)

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