Friday, January 28, 2005

Douglas Dycus Needs Some Of His Own Medicine

The Smoking Gun has the story of a Palm Beach, Florida man that is accused of using a high-voltage stun gun on his own 14-year-old son. Douglas Dycus, an engineer, admitted to police that he used the device when the 14-year-old and his brother would not stop play-wrestling before leaving on a family vacation.

So the father zapped the boy twice, once in the arm, and once in the torso. After letting out a scream, the boy complied with his father's wishes.

Later, the kid contacted a child welfare investigator and showed the investigator the marks that the device left in his arm and abdomen.

The police came and searched the house, confiscated the offending weapon, and arrested Douglas Dycus on a charge of felony child abuse. The Smoking Gun has all the details on this alleged child abuser, including police reports and arrest documents.

We here at The Education Wonks think that it would be a pretty good idea if someone would give Dycus a dose or two of his own electric shock therapy.

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