Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fact-Checking The Los Angeles Times

For several years, I lived in Hacienda Heights, which is located in the Los Angeles area. As such, I was subjected to the mis-information routinely peddled as news by The Los Angeles Times. I always used to wonder why nobody ever publicly called them on their partisan liberalism.

Patterico has done just that. He has published the
first part of a comprehensive examination of the liberal bias of this newspaper.

Patterico demonstrates to the world what any objectively-thinking person that has ever lived in the Los Angels basin has known for decades: That The Los Angeles Times is not a journalistic endeavor at all, but nothing more than some type of propaganda organ for far left-wing liberalism.

It would be a very good investment of your time to closely read Patterico's thoroughly-researched piece, which demonstrates to what lengths this representative of the legacy media will go in order to manipulate the thoughts of its un-suspecting readership.