Thursday, December 30, 2004

Extra Credit Reading Assignment: Immigration Reform Roundup

Digger's Realm has published the third installment of an excellent series of pieces about some of the problems that are currently confronting us regarding immigration. Here is a taste:
An estimated 10 million immigrants live in the United States illegally; the vast majority are from Mexico, with an additional million arriving every year.

Estimates are that three million may cross our borders this year because of the chance for an amnesty program being put in place by the President. This has increased border hopping and illegal aliens making the trek.
Education-related issues are also addressed. Here is a sample:

A state Board of Education member [Kansas] says students studying immigration should learn about the effect illegal immigrants have on crime rates, education costs, and language barriers.

Digger offers a comprehensive diagnosis of the various challenges that the Nation must address if it is ever restore some sort of control over runaway immigration, and offers some viable solutions. The whole series makes for a most engaging read.