Friday, December 31, 2004

The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher's Council
The Watcher's Council has met and voted on this week's entries. There were a number of excellent posts that were considered by the Council.

Council Member Entries:

In the winning entry, "
Spinning the Numbers" Alpha Patriot takes a thoughtful look at the statistics associated with successful presidential re-election campaigns.

This week's Council Member runner-up was The Sundries Shack, with an entry called "
Some Thoughts on Iraq" which does an excellent job of reminding us what our country is fighting for in Iraq.

Non-Council Entries:

La Shawn Barber won with her entry, "
Academic Freedom, Hate Mail, And David Horowitz" which examines the constant struggle that conservative college students must wage in order obtain the freedom to express their views.

The runner-up was One Hand Clapping with an entry titled, "
A Top Sergeant Reports On Rumsfeld" which is a first-hand response to Rumsfeld's critics by a soldier that was there.

Special Mention:

The Devil's Advocate garnered support (in a very strong field) with his entry called, "
Get Your Snake Oil Here, Folks!" which examines issues surrounding controversial D.C. elected-official-for-life, Marion Barry.

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