Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Not Your Regl'r Shakespeare Part II

The EdWonk has found that the... ah...er..."different"... presentation of Romeo and Juliet is being produced by Mohawk Trail High School, which is a public school located in Shelburne Falls Massachusetts. Shelburne Falls is located in the ultra-hip, ultra liberal, ultra well-to-do (read that as rich) district that the inhabitants casually refer to as "The Berkshires." For all of us who do not have large summer homes that we call "cottages," The Berkshires are where we find Amherst College, Smith College (girls only) Mt. Holyoke College (richer girls only) and Hampshire College (which is for those of us that don't live on trust-fund interest).

All that liberalism adds-up to an overdose of political correctness, which leads us to ask...

Since all the parts are being played by teenage gals, what is being done to accomodate male students that have an inclination to play-act? And are only females allowed in the audience?

Or is having males play males and females play females too "old fashioned?"