Sunday, August 22, 2004

Attempt by Possible Terrorists to Infiltrate United States by Crossing the Mexican Border

Our friends at the Imperial Valley Press (edition of Sunday, August 22nd) in El Centro, California have let your EdWonk know that 8 people were arrested August 19th near the U.S./Mexico border in the city of Mexicali. Aside from the fact that they were arrested on the Mexican side of the border, what sets these individuals apart is the fact that all were from Armenia, Iran, and Iraq. All were in Mexico illegally.

Six were transported to Mexico City and two were turned over to U.S. officials. Their disposition remains unknown as of this writing. The arrests came about a half-hour after Mexican authorities received an F.B.I. warning of possible attempts by persons from the Middle East to illegally enter the United States via the Mexican border. One of the two women that were caught is eight months pregnant. The EdWonk fervently hopes that before the lady gives birth, she will enroll in a parenting class.