Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Mystery Surrounding Strafing Of Intermediate School Deepens

The Real Story?
CNN has an update about the strafing incident as reported last weekend. At a community forum, residents of Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, are stated that using their intermediate school for target practice is unacceptable. One parent said that it is, "Very scary." Another parent stated that it was, "Very very scary."

We here at the 'Wonks are certain that there is a government cover-up. Sadly, members of the community are actually accepting the government's explanation that it was an accident, and therefore the pilot has not received any disciplinary action.

As explained earlier in a 'Wonks Exclusive, they refuse to acknowledge that the pilot was actually a teacher that was unhappy with the outcome of a three-hour staff meeting after school last Wednesday. It seems as though the last item was a discussion about how to improve low teacher morale.